About us

We are a small family company from Poland.

We own 3 stores on ETSY:

We started in June 2021 and for two year we sold over 150 000 models and finalized almost 7500 transactions.

We use 4K and 8K printers to deliver you minis you will enjoy painting and playing.

High quality resin we use is gray and a bit flexible. It provides high detail level and higher breaking resistance comparing to standard hard resin often used by other printers.

We cooperate with great designers and have commercial llicenses for our products.

Our advantage is:

✔️High print quality at an affordable price

We strive for perfection and constantly test new solutions related to printing as well as improve our processes to provide excellent models at competitive prices without changing prices
✔️Very secured minis during transport

Our packaging system is one of the best at Etsy (according to customers' feedback). We use 4 layer packaging:

2.Small cartonbox
3. Eco foam filler (made from starch)
4.Outer cartonbox

If your order will arrive in bad shape and packege wasn't damaged by postal service we will send you minis as replacement for broken ones


If you want to order specific models or modify something from our standard offer, feel free to send us a message.

✔️We offer advice during whole process

We are hobbyst for more than 20 years. If you need advice which scale you should order or how to prepare resin models we will be more than happy to help you.
To each parcel we add our leaflet how to reshape resin models